RentMaster rental software is available in 4 different editions, each one offering extra set of features for particular type of rental/event planning businesses or rental operations. Please click on any version listed below to get more information about it.


RentMaster Standard Edition

RentMaster Standard Edition is designed for rental businesses involved in party, small tool and equipment rentals. It requires minimal information to generate a quotation and requires a little more details only when the quote gets converted into an order. Many inflatable bounce house rentals use this edition of RentMaster for its simplicity and ease of use.


RentMaster ER Edition

RentMaster ER Edition is designed for event & decor rentals or larger party rental businesses renting out tables, chairs, tents, linens, decore, event furniture, etc. This edition works well for businesses dealing with special events, weddings and corporate events. It stores and process more information about each client and client events such as multiple contact persons, separate bill to, deliver to and contact person on each order, price levels, duration based items pricing, keeping time stamped internal office notes, etc ...


RentMaster OR Edition

RentMaster OR Edition is designed for outdoor recreation programs of universities and colleges, as well as any type of rental businesses that mostly deal with walk-in customers. Based on Standard Edition of RentMaster it offers tighter control over order pick-ups and returns, supports multiple price levels for different type of customers (students, faculty/staff, members, general public, etc), duration based items pricing and more. It can be integrated with university/college database servers to automatically populate students' details and current status based on swiped student card or entered student id.


RentMaster FEC Edition

RentMaster FEC Edition is designed for indoor Family Entertainment Centers (FEC) offering private rooms for birthday parties or special events as well as open plays for walk-in guests. Based on Standard Edition of RentMaster, it has been enhanced with many new features to make it easier to check for party rooms availability and make new reservations, store more information about the birthday child and attending guests, keep track of players in open play area and simple POS functionality for selling snacks, party supplies, etc to private party or open play customers.


RentMaster Online Reservation System

RentMaster Online is a powerful web based e-commerce online reservation solution offering website visitors ability to check for items availability in real-time  and place orders online 24 hours a day. It can get integrated with any editions of RentMaster rental software to automatically exchange orders information in real-time and make sure that both the office staff and website visitors see accurate inventory availability in real-time.

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