Windows 10 compatible rental software
Windows 8 Compatible rental software

Compatible with Windows 7

We are constantly working on RentMaster rental software, adding new features and improving performance. Here are some key features implemented so far. More coming soon.

  • Unlimited categories and subcategories to organize your inventory To help you organize and manage your inventory efficiently RentMaster rental software allows you to setup unlimited categories and subcategories for your inventory items.
  • Mark any category as 'For sale' and the inventory items within this category will be available for sale instead of leasing. This will allow you to carry and sell additional products and supplies and generate extra profit for you.
  • Unlimited product information
    Instead of entering the same product information again and again for the similar inventory items, RentMaster keeps a separate database of product information, and when you're adding new inventory items, you simply select the associated product and just add some additional information (serial number, price, status and so on) to it. Products database stores product category, name, product's image, special safety/handling instructions, size, weight. You can mark products as taxable or non-taxable as well.
  • Easy and quick way to add multiple items with one click
    So called 'Sets' are a quick and easy way to add some preselected items to an order or quote with only one click of your mouse. Just make a new set containing the items you'd like to quickly add to orders, name it and you're ready to use it!
    When checking for item availability, RentMaster rental software shows not only separate available inventory items, but also the available sets, making sure that all the set items are available for the specified period of time.
  • Store inventory items by serial numbers and/or in bulk quantities
    • Rent inventory items once a day only or multiple times
    • Store unlimited number of images per product
    • Email ordered/quoted product images to customers with a single click
    • Bulk inventory Qty in Stock or Price field updates
    • Repair/Maintenance tickets module
    • Include/Exclude products from discount and damage waiver calculations
  • Real-time inventory availability check
  • Quickly select existing customers from the list or enter new customer information on the fly. Search customers by any available field and by address.
  • Custom order status values - reserved, shipped, received, canceled and so on
  • Payments history - accepts multiple payments with different payment options (check, cash, credit card and so on)
  • Special order discounts
  • Customizable delivery types
  • Customizable payment methods
  • Search orders by any field
  • Sell and rent at the same time
  • Delivery fee and sales tax calculations based on zip code or city
  • Organize related ordered items into groups and print them in any order
  • Easily make quotes and turn them into orders by adding customer information.
  • RentMaster rental software will automatically detect and complete customer information if it can find a matching customer record with the same name or phone number.
  • Automatically verifies the quotes when turning them into orders to make sure inventory availability.
  • Manually verify the quote any time
  • Automatically cleanup old quotes from the database
  • Search quotes by any field
  • Organize related quoted items into groups and print them in any order
  • Store unlimited number of customers
  • Multiple addresses for the same customer - great feature for resellers
  • Assign special aliases to addresses (Home, Business or reseller's client's name), store the map page number and address directions.
  • Quickly access customer's order history
  • Categorize your customers in custom defined categories (business, individual, school, church and so on)
  • Search customers by any field
  • Store Driver License image and Credit Card details
  • One click access to customer's orders and payments history
  • Customer related files repository (to store signed contracts, proof of insurance and other documents)
  • Inventory list
  • Customers list
  • Orders list
  • Rental Agreement
  • Invoice
  • Customer Billing Statements
  • Mailing labels
  • Customize reports and rental agreement text
  • Powerful records filtering options - filter and sort the records by any field using different criteria (date, status and so on)
  • Inventory availability calendar by days or hours
  • Inventory item's order history
  • Rental/Sales statistics by any date
  • Send any report to the printer or convert into Adobe PDF format and attach it to emails with a single click
  • Real-time credit card processing with 65+ credit card processing gateways
  • Export your data in various formats (text, HTML, XML, Excel, PDF).
  • Export your customers information into Microsoft Outlook.
  • Export your orders, customers, inventory lists into Intuit QuickBooks.
  • Print driving directions and verify addresses using Microsoft MapPoint, MapQuest, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, etc
  • Export your reports in various formats (text,image, PDF, RTF, XLS)
  • Email rental agreements/proposals/invoices to your customers
  • Synchronize your scheduled orders with Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  • Built-in spell-checker
  • Automatically attach additional files to outgoing emails
  • Automated web-based software updates
  • Support for barcode scanners
  • Support for credit card readers

Please feel free to contact us if you don't see a feature you're interested in. We listen and we welcome all feedbacks and comments.

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